SPLICE® Welcomes Tiffany Chang

I was always drawn to art and I knew this path was where I wanted to go. I studied animation at Sheridan College in Toronto and landed a job at Legend3D, a 3D film conversion studio. They specialize in converting 2D films to stereoscopic 3D. I worked as a junior stereo artist where I gained valuable motion tracking, rotoscoping, and 3D modeling skills. It was during my time at Legend3D that I knew I wanted to be working on films as a career. I enjoyed the craft of deconstructing a shot and being able to place all the characters, buildings and objects in their respective 3D space.


I've recently fell in love with matte painting. Transforming conceptual ideas into believable worlds takes a lot of patience and experimentation but each painting brings on a new learning opportunity. Having a matte painting and 3D mentor definitely helped fine tune my eye for composition and aesthetic.


In addition, I've been involved with artistic photoshoots where I painted the model's body much like a canvas. One of my favorite shoots involved painting the model with UV reactive paint and under blacklight, it looked as if the model was a character straight from the movie "Avatar". It does not matter what medium I work in, as long as I have the outlet to create.


Seeing VFX breakdowns for movies is exciting for me and I've always wondered how crazy effects can be done in a such a seamless manner. I love that there is a beautiful mixture of art and technical expertise to VFX and I'm excited for the future of the film industry.