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Tiffany Chang: An Artist Finds a Home at SPLICE

Tiffany Chang was always drawn to art. She studied animation at Sheridan College in Toronto, and landed a job at Legend3D, a 3D film conversion studio. “I enjoyed deconstructing a shot and being able to place all the characters, buildings and objects in their respective 3D space,” said Tiffany. “And I knew for sure I wanted to work on films as a career.”


Tiffany’s creative eye is always searching for the next challenge. The latest: matte painting. “Transforming conceptual ideas into believable worlds helped fine-tune my eye for composition and aesthetic,” she said. “And I've been involved with artistic photoshoots where I painted the model's body like a canvas. One of my favorite shoots involved painting the model with UV reactive paint and under blacklight, it looked as if the model was a character straight from the movie Avatar.”


At SPLICE, Tiffany has found a home at SPLICE that suits her relentless artistic curiosity. “I love that there’s a beautiful mixture of art and technical expertise to VFX,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what medium I work in, as long as I have the outlet to create. And working here at SPLICE makes me really excited for the future of the film industry.”