here is what we do

SPLICE® is approved Tier-1 with media companies and networks that demand the highest levels of content security. Our facility and staff use multi-layered protocols, established best practices and industry standard tools to ensure transfers, storage and deliveries are secure and safe.

visual effects

Our visual effects artists and supervisors can help you tell bigger and more realistic stories, through pre-production and pre-visualization, on-set supervision, asset creation, animation, CGI, rotoscoping and compositing.

dc legends of tomorrow visual effects still

motion design

From show opens and complete packages to logo design and animation, our motion design and motion graphics artists will make your storyboard move.

batwoman motion design still


Our creative editors are storytellers first, with the technical chops to streamline the entire process with the support and efficiencies of a world-class post facility.

voice from the stone editorial still


From pre-production to finish, we work closely with your team to customize advanced workflows, choose formats and understand color spaces—all with an eye to how your project will translate to the latest broadcast display technologies and digital cinema.


See how remote review can save you time and money on your next project.

color grading still


Sound is (at least) half the story. Sound can breathe life into your story through performance-based foley, authentic natural sound capture and euphonious final mixes. We offer three 5.1 surround mix rooms, two VO booths and a large recording space. We also provide remote recording using Source Connect. 

sound still


ABC/Disney, AMC, The CW, Netflix, Hulu, Epix, History Channel, A&E, Fox News, MSNBC and Discovery all trust us with their content and so can you. We’ll master your series, film, documentary or advertising spots to match the strictest broadcast and theatrical specifications, while meeting network and MPAA security standards to protect your content.

Zanuck Independent, Speak To Me still


We create dailies to your specs with fast turnaround and secure, studio-approved access, anywhere in the world. We can design custom workflows to bridge production and post-production, and get your work into the hands of your post team quickly and securely.


• On-set data asset and color management
• Near-set dailies processing
• Production dailies via cloud service
• Editorial dailies for offline edit
• Camera negative backup and archiving for online

dailies still


We’ll always meet your tech specs exactly, from final QC to all varieties of file flavors. We work with full Digital Cinema Packages with encryption keys and kill dates, digital signage, disc-based authoring, web authoring and all social media platforms. We use industry-standard IBM Aspera and Signiant Media Shuttle encrypted-file transfer acceleration to deliver your files FAST!

splice's office space interior

remote review

We put real-time review as close to the decision-makers as possible, to save you time and stretch your budget. We can design a custom solution for your production including monitor calibration and system integration. Our real-time streaming option can be used for all aspects of the post process from edit and color to visual effects approvals.

digital asset management

Looking for a digital asset management solution? Our librarian friends at our sister company Aldis are there for you. They provide librarian services, DAM implementation and optimization, advanced media services, and personalized support to make the most out of your media. They created and support an excellent DAM solution for Splice and can help you too.