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Chris Ray Goes to White Castle (and to SPLICE)

Chris is a Minnesota native, but spent 17 years working in Los Angeles as Post Supervisor and Producer on nearly 20 prime time series, including Shark, V, Angel, and The Pretender.


Hobnobbing with the stars was fun for a while, but there was something pulling the Minnesota boy back home. You might think he returned to raise his kids around family, blah blah blah, but no. “There are no White Castles in California,” said Chris. “Any state that’s home to Prince and The Replacements AND serves up fresh Sliders is a great place to live.” 


Fair enough. And here at SPLICE, Chris has found a professional home, too, serving as a Producer, Post Director, Production Manager, and VFX Supervisor on commercials, feature documentaries, reality shows, docuseries, and scripted series.


Contact Chris to discuss any of your post production needs. Maybe over a Slider.