SPLICE® Welcomes Brian Thompson

Splice welcomes Brian Thompson as the latest addition to the VFX team. Brian has worked as a CG generalist & VFX artist for the past 8 years in Minneapolis.


"My playground has always been at the nexus of creativity and technology" says Brian. "I gravitate to that space no matter where I am working - from structured 3D pipelines to creative-boutiques. Visual Effects is a natural expression of that tendency - requiring the eye of an artist and the mind of an engineer to pull of technically challenging yet visually beautiful shots."


Brian started on his Visual Effects journey nearly 15 years ago. "Like many people in this industry, I went through a phase in high school where I gathered a bunch of my friends together and we started making movies. After a couple of movies I came to realize that I hated directing, I was terrible at acting and my scripts made absolutely no sense. But I really enjoyed making things explode on the computer. I thought why not make a career out of it?"


Brian feels a special allure to visual effects. "In my mind, being a Visual Effects artist is like being a digital magician. 90% of the magic trick is invisible. There's a lot of time spent researching and practicing and perfecting our techniques, so that the audience doesn't notice the digital slight-of-hand and they accept what they see as reality. The last 10% is flashy and showy, hopefully eliciting a 'wow' reaction."


And similar to a magic trick, a great VFX shot needs to be folded into a compelling story to have maximum impact.