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Shawn Kearney, Technical Director


As a technical director, I've found that AI has become an increasingly important tool for me and improves how I support the Splice team. In fact, I now use AI tools, such as chatGPT and Github CoPilot, in a variety of ways on a daily basis.

One of the most significant benefits of AI is the ability to prototype new code rapidly. Thanks to AI-assisted development tools, I can explore new ideas and iterate on my work much faster than ever before. This has been particularly useful when working on complex projects that require a lot of experimentation and testing.

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Another area where AI has been incredibly helpful is in researching pipeline solutions. With the help of AI algorithms, I'm able to analyze multiple approaches quickly and identify the best solutions for my projects. This has saved me tremendous time and effort, allowing me to focus on implementing my ideas.


Perhaps most importantly, AI has dramatically increased my productivity and introduced me to new concepts. By leveraging AI tools and techniques, I can work more efficiently and effectively, and get feedback on ways I can write more clearly or improve code performance. I'm constantly discovering new and innovative ways to approach my work. With AI I am exposed to techniques that I wouldn't have considered otherwise.

But it's not just work-related tasks that benefit from AI. I even use AI to help plan my meals and recommend recipes. With the help of these apps I'm able to easily plan exciting and unique meals using ingredients I already have, making it much easier to feed my family!

Overall, I believe that AI has had a hugely positive impact on my work and my life more broadly. I'm excited to continue exploring new ways to use AI in the future, and I'm confident that it will only become more and more integral to the work we do.