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SHOOT Magazine's Mid-Year Report with Barb Condit:

Comments on Industry Trends

SHOOT Magazine asked SPLICE® owner Barb Condit about her views on industry trends. Her answers shed light on larger patterns in Splice’s continuing path toward greater creative involvement, growing expertise in VFX, and more efficient workflow and data management.

Barb: “The line between production and post is pretty blurry and has made our involvement critical to getting projects done efficiently and on budget. If we can save hours of production with a simple effect, we can help explore and make that recommendation.”

Barb noted how tax incentives and the increasing decentralization of video production were both boons for SPLICE®. She also remarked on the continuing renaissance of quality television, a trend that has continued. She celebrated the ability to crack the tough nut of profitable feature distribution and sees more room for Splice’s teams to grow and flourish in the coming years, always with the goal of better storytelling through film.