Project 6:8 gets a boost from Splice

Project 6:8 gets a boost from Splice to bring donations to the homeless in Minneapolis. SPLICE®’s Adam Betker helped co-found a non-profit called Project 6:8 Inc. The goal of Project 6:8 is to build relationships with people who are homeless. Adam and his team (including other Splicer’s) bring hot meals and clothing donations each week to those in need. But the real goal is sustained and ongoing interactions that produce real fellowship.


The mission of Project 6:8 is to provide food, clothing, love, and the hope of Christ to those living on the streets of Minneapolis. It is a grass roots organization driven by volunteers who provide the food, drinks, and supplies needed on a weekly basis. They believe in 100% financial transparency and have very little overhead costs, allowing cash donations to go directly to help meet the physical needs of those they serve. At its core, Project 6:8 strives to make frequent and continual connections with their participants. Everyone has a story and while Project 6:8 does not have all the resources to meet all their participant’s needs, they want to be available to listen to their stories without agenda or expectation.


Project 6:8 is accepting men’s clothing donations, bedding, and camping supplies. If you are interested in donating, you can drop these specific items off at Splice or you can email to donate in other ways.


You can read about Project 6:8 here.