Jesse Pelkey at Splice

Jesse is a motion designer, visual effects artist, and photographer. He’s also an accomplished musician and semi-accomplished audio engineer. He has done work for a wide assortment of clients, from independent filmmakers, to small production companies, to global corporations. 


With a background in traditional design, and by keeping up with the latest trends in design and technology, he brings both disciplines to each new project. He also brings a design eye to visual effects projects.


As a photographer, he has captured protest images, sweeping Icelandic vistas, and the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Minneapolis. And portraits of friends, family, and pets. He has also art-directed product photography sessions for large companies. 


As a musician, he is currently rocking with current and former Splicers, has made a handful of records, played at some of the better-known venues in Minneapolis, and toured the entire United States in a van full of dudes. There may have been some youthful run-ins with state troopers, and/or a wheel flying off the van at speed on the interstate. In any case, he has survived to tell the tale.