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Color Grading In An Instant

The cohesive yet unique look of season 2

"In An Instant" tells the stories of people who have experienced a life-defining moment. There are three main elements in each 2-hour episode—first-person account interviews, a re-enactment of the event and actual footage captured during the event.

Our friends at Committee Films brought the SPLICE® team in during pre-production and we spent time working with DP’s Bo Hakala and Brandon Boulay developing looks for the interviews and reenactments prior to shooting. This pre-vis work helps inform shooting and editorial decisions and streamlines the online and color process.

Each episode has its own unique look for the reenactments. These scenes use color to promote feel, time and space with a cinematic quality. Dark, Horrific, Tornadic, Modern, Bleached, Golden, Uncomfortable were words used to describe how a show was to look. Creatively each episode story stands on its own but it was important to pull them together as a series. We created a style that combined these looks with the clean, “neutral” interviews as well as actual footage to stitch each episode together and present it as a cohesive series for the audience.