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Clayton Condit Makes Panel Appearance

At 2015 All American High School Film Festival

Clayton went back to high school for a panel discussion at the All American High School Film Festival. Moderated by Luke Tristram from Apple, “Final Cut Pro X and the Apple Ecosystem for Filmmakers” unpacked how the accessibility of editing and finishing films is rapidly improving thanks to technological advancements from Apple.

“The panel discussed and confirmed the power of the Apple ecosystem,” said Clayton. “We have 4k cameras built into our iPhones now. You can edit and distribute from your phone.”

The panel also featured editor and filmmaker Devin Tanchum and producer and editor Mike Fernandes. Said Clayton, “[Devin and Mike] completely validated my point of view on Final Cut X and the workflows we have developed at SPLICE®.”

Panelists also engaged with up-and-coming filmmakers in attendance. During Q&A, young creatives shared their experiences making film with the advent of the latest technology. Color Clayton impressed.

“The next generation of filmmakers is really smart,” said Clayton. “I overheard two conversations where kids have been using Final Cut since they were seven or eight years of age. It’s completely intuitive to them.”