Carl Jacobs at Splice

What is your professional background, very briefly?


I started in college as a copy writer for on-air promotions at a public television station while earning a double major in Radio-Television-Film and Advertising .  I wanted more control over how my creative ideas were executed so I learned video editing while becoming a Creative Director at Twin Cities Public Television. I was heavily involved with Engineering and Operations on how to build edit suites and use the software and manage workflows.  Won some promotion and design awards along the way.  Oh, and an Emmy for directing.  Then I went freelance as a Creative Director/Editor writing, producing, directing and editing.  Eventually, came to Splice as a full-time Editor and workflow specialist.  While at Splice I’ve worked on feature films, broadcast television series, corporate videos, and advertising.  I’ve even edited a 3D IMAX movie; the kind you might see at a science museum.


What professional or personal quality gives you unique abilities with digital MAM’s?


My extensive experience with all aspects of media post-production as both a client and service provider—I’ve sat on both sides of the table—and as both a creative and a technical advisor, give me the ability to understand workflows, media formats and how everyone in the chain interacts with and uses media.  I know what users need from a MAM and how they’d use it.  I also know how a MAM is built and managed.

What's one unique, noteworthy, even quirky quality about yourself that makes you stand out, professionally or just as a person

I grew up in a village of 250 people on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan.  It was once promoted as “Wisconsin’s Air Conditioned Peninsula Playground.”  This was literally the view out of my bedroom window every night.  Yeah.  Rough childhood.