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Carl Jacobs is not an island

Carl Jacobs grew up on a tiny island on Lake Michigan, but that’s really not a useful metaphor for the guy. How about this: the view out his window was beautiful, and he’s carried this appetite for the picturesque through his varied career in media. But, bucolic charm aside, he sprang from his island beginnings with an appetite for connecting ideas, things, people. 

While studying Radio-Television-Film and Advertising in college, Carl got his start writing copy for a public television station. His multifaceted interests have continued to deepen his skills ever since.


He learned video editing while becoming a Creative Director at Twin Cities Public Television, where he also started to build a knowledge of edit suites and workflows. He won some design awards along the way, not to mention an Emmy for directing. Then he went freelance for a while, producing and directing and editing. 


Then he came to SPLICE® as a full-time editor and workflow specialist, and brought his expertise to feature films, broadcast television, corporate videos, advertising, and even 3D IMAX. His knowledge from both sides of the table gives him a truly flexible perspective. For any project, Carl knows how the creative and technical teams use the media and its formats, and how the workflows will run. In other words: who needs what, when, and how it all works together.