Creating Magic on Multiple Screens

Introducing Experiential Motion Design (XMD)

The centerpiece of SPLICE® headquarters’ living room: a wall of monitors displaying beautiful 8K content. The wall itself is a product of Aldis Systems and an impressive piece of tech in its own right, but the images displayed on the wall are the work of Splice’s experiential motion design team.

Unlike traditional motion design, which is designed to be seen on a single screen in multiple environments—think TVs, smartphones, tablets—experiential motion design, or XMD, is created for a specific environment on specialized displays. It’s seen on multiple screens or unusually shaped displays or dimensional surfaces like the face of a building. You’ll find XMD in digital signage for retail, stage events, branding installations, trade shows and sports facilities.

The SPLICE XMD team creates digital screen media that fits any environment, enhancing and extending the feeling of a physical space. Whether it’s advertising, information or just creating a mood, Splice’s experiential motion designers can take your ideas and bring them to life in the real world. The next time you’re in SPLICE, check out the video wall—you can’t miss it—and ask one of the producers to show you the work of the experiential motion design team.