VFX supervisor

atlanta, georgia (full-time remote)

We are currently looking for a VFX Supervisor to hire as a full time staff member. The position is permanently fully remote (work from home), but the candidate must live in Georgia – preferably the Atlanta metro area – or be willing to relocate to Georgia. We can provide moving assistance to help with relocation.


The role is primarily in-house VFX supervision. The job responsibilities are:

  • Collaborating with clients throughout the run of each series or film. Responding quickly to client questions and requests via email, chat, and phone calls.

  • Working daily with the other supervisors to allocate artist resources and prioritize work.

  • Creating bids for new work.

  • Conducting internal shot reviews and giving feedback to the artists. Ensuring technical quality of shot versions going out to clients.

  • Mentoring artists and giving technical advice on how to approach shots. For this reason, a deep knowledge of Nuke specifically is a requirement. Knowledge of the 3D pipeline and applications like Maya or Houdini is a plus.

  • The ability to supervise on-set is also required, even though the vast majority of the supervisor's time will be in-house. We are a fast growing company, and on-set supervision will be occasionally required. We also value on-set experience as it provides context when communicating with both clients and artists.

  • There is no strict experience requirement for this position. If you are already an experienced VFX supervisor, we want to hear from you. If you are an exceptional VFX artist who can demonstrate the ability to lead, has experience on set, or perhaps experience as a producer, we want to hear from you as well.

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