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09 January 2015 - 2015 is looking to be all about visual effects for SPLICE! We just put the finishing touches on our new visual effects expansion (see photo above), and we've brought on new supervisors and artists as demand for VFX continues to grow. Last year we expanded from just 13 hours of broadcast television/VFX projects to over 60 hours! A big part of that was our continued work on "AMERICA UNEARTHED" on H2, created and produced by Committee Films.

We also have a new partnership with another national production company, which is working on a series of new, VFX-laden shows (shhh, we can’t tell you the details quite yet...!).

By the way our Co-Founder, Clayton Condit, just returned from spending the fall on-set in Italy (some guys have all the luck). He was there collaborating with Director Eric Howell ("Strangers") on the edit for Eric's feature film debut, "Voice From the Stone." The film will make its way to our VFX team later this year (with pit-stops in our Color, Audio, and Finishing departments as well), before it heads to a theater near you.

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